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Our clients have Option: Contracted and Non-Contracted Services



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Business Services

Infection Control

Office Interior Design

The Mensah Group, LLC provides world-class consulting services for Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Office-Based Procedure Facilities throughout the State of Florida. Dr. Stacy Mensah, DNP, MSN RN, Co-Owner and CEO, and her team of healthcare and IT professionals provide consulting in Infection Control, Risk Management, Pharmacy, Credentialing, Life Safety, and Information Technology (Dr. Patrick Mensah, Ph.D. (Partner) ensures first-class services for all clients and meets each client-specific compliance needs.  

Our Services range from New ASC Consultation, Architecture Consultation, IT Wiring Consultation, Risk Management, Life Safety, Billing, Accreditation, Infection Control, Credentialing, Information Technology for Healthcare, Pharmacy Consulting, Billing Services, Staffing, and Staff Education.


Enjoy Virtual and onsite Management Services for your center. Cost-effective and benefits your company. With us we manage the upkeep of your center in all aspects.


  • Management Services

  • Risk Management

  • Accreditation

  • CMS Compliance

  • Inspections

  • Infection Control

  • Mock Surveys

  • Human Resources

  • Pharmacy Compliance and Consultant

  • Billing Specialist

  • Staff Training

  • Credentialing (Billing and 

  • File Management Service (all clients receive their own personal company Intranet

  • Information technology. Take advantage with top of line IT equipment and services

Did your last inspection go not so well? No worries we work with clients to get their center back to the expected compliance level. We will do everything for you and be present for your inspection.

Rest assured passing that inspection will be a breeze. Once you successfully pass the inspection we will maintain it all for you so history does not repeat itself.


The Mensah Group, LLC is a leading and trusted Healthcare Consulting Company, serving small to large-scale healthcare organizations. It was founded in 2021 by Dr. Stacy Mensah. We proudly stand by our clients to ensure compliance is met at all times. Our mission statement is to allow our clients to focus on what’s important, their patients and staff, while we focus on their compliance. Our Company has steadily and exponentially grown to be one of the best Healthcare Consulting Companies in the United States. With over 20 years of combined experience in ASC/ OBL projects for new and existing facilities, The Mensah Group, LLC has just the right amount of skills and expertise to meet our client service needs.

The Mensah Group, LLC understands that the cost of services is very important. Our company provides many different cost-effective services so our clients do not need to break the bank.

Most services are charged separately.


Our team of experts will complete all paperwork and develop and provide all necessary documents and paperwork for the facility so you can concentrate on other important factors.

Services rendered for New and Existing Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Office-Based Facilities include:

Initial Phase 1

Feasibility Studies

Functional Plan

Business Plan Development 

Loan Applications 

* We work closely with your architects and Construction Team*

Phase 2

Building Permits

New Facility Permits

New Facility Licenses

Phase 3

New Facility AHCA Applications

New Facility Contracts

Phase 4 (Life Safety)

Our experts will assist you throughout the process and complete all the requirements needed for inspection and compliance.

Development of Emergency Management Plans and Hazard Assessment

Development of Comprehensive management Plans and submission

Phase 5 - Post Licensure

Accreditation Application (AAAHC)

Our team of experts includes Pharmacy, Architect (Partner), Construction team (Partner), Billing and Information Technology, and Patient Privacy Experts. We have all the professionals you will need throughout the project.

Continuation of services will be provided for the Management of all services above for compliance on a quarterly basis. Consultants will be available as needed for all inspections throughout the process and thereafter with an active and up-to-date agreement.

If your matter is urgent please call (727) 202-4216

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